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Ella Tekdag

My name is Ella and I am a therapist based in the UK.

You may be struggling with anxiety, social anxiety, stress, depression, overwhelm, feelings of loneliness, significant loss and grief. Maybe you are struggling with important relationships in your life. Perhaps your struggle is not that clear and you have a feeling that something isn’t quite right. I can help.

I have helped clients find confidence, clarity, understanding, self-esteem, a way to express themselves and find meaning in an increasingly demanding world. I also work with couples helping them to find ways to better communicate, to feel seen and heard by each other.

I work with empathy and care, offering a completely confidential, non-judgemental environment to help explore and manage difficult thoughts, feelings and experiences. 

Experiences such as anxiety, stress, unease in life can be symptoms of something deeper going on. Often, the deeper emotions can be trapped, not accessible and/or not allowed out. In therapy, we will explore and process these deeper emotions as well as the obstacles and the core beliefs that may be resisting access to them.

If you are interested in working with me then please get in touch to arrange an initial session. I offer a free initial 15-minute phone/online conversation prior to meeting as an opportunity for us to talk about what you may need and what I can offer. I am currently working in-person as well as online.

If you decide I am not the right person for you these links take you to on-line therapist directories: BACP and UKCP.

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